New York born star, Trevon Duval college commitment…

Trevon Duval is one of the most flashy, high sought after talents in high school basketball. This earned him the nickname of Tricky Tre and on youtube he has countless hits on his Basketball mixtape showing off his skills. Now it is decision time for Duval as he just finished his senior year playing ball at IMG academy. Many scouts have witnessed him in some of the top tournaments this year such as the McDonalds All American Game and the Ball Is Life tournament where he went head to head with other top prospects such as Colin Sexton. Many believe Sexton is a better prospect then Duval in terms of raw talent, but Sexton has already committed to a College in Alabama. Most of the prospects he did play against in these tournaments have already committed to schools so now the question lies where does “Tricky Tre” take his talents too for college. His great passing ability and ball handle has caught the interest of top schools like Duke and Kentucky. These schools are currently the best at producing NBA prospects with that comes a level of prestige. He has been keeping his college decisions under wraps, but announced just today Trevon Duval will be taking his talents to Duke University. This is the perfect fit for a player like Duval, he will be accompanied in the backcourt by budding star Grayson Allen and a good front line Gary Trent, and Jordan Tucker. This team has a great balance of offense and defense and with Duval bringing his bit of flashiness to the system it is a win win for Duval and Duke.


Kawhi Leonard’s injury end for the Spurs?

With Kawhi Leonard’s ankle injury, will this be the end of the San Antonio Spurs run in the playoffs? The Spurs were beating the former NBA champion Warriors by 20 points in a shocking first half that left Oracle Arena in shock. Towards the early stages of the third quarter, Leonard rose up for a jumpshot and landed on another players foot causing him to go back to the locker room and sit out for the remainder of this Game 1 in the Western Conference Finals. During this time the Warriors came storming back from there 20 point deficit and by the end of the game had narrowed it to a one possession game. The Warriors ended up winning the game by just 2 points and slated a comeback for the history books. From this information you can see the impact of a star studded player like Kawhi Leonard, but now the question is if he is unable to return for the remainder of this series will the Spurs even have a chance at winning? The simple answer is No, the Warriors simply have too much star power and force way too many turnovers when Leonard is not on the floor. Leonard is the floor general for this San Antonio team and everything runs through him which makes the team without him a bit lost. Some might argue that Lamarcus Aldridge will be able to lead the team but that is simply not the case. Kawhi Leonard is one of the most gifted talents in the NBA, he can go one on one, he can set up his teammates, and most importantly he can play defense. Aldridge simply cannot match these skills at least to the level that Kawhi has done for this Spurs team. the fact of the matter is that when Kawhi left the game the Spurs could not hold a 20 point lead for 2 quarters while Aldridge was playing. How can he lead a team but not hold a 20 point cushion for 2 quarters? If Kawhi Leonard does not return to play in this Series the Spurs will not advance to the next round plain and simple

Playing basketball outdoors makes you better?

Basketball is a very tiring sport. It requires a lot of stamina and skill to play the game. Even though the games in the NBA are played indoors on a hardwood court, playing outside in a park could help you improve your game more. Sure most people will argue that playing outdoor basketball on concrete will wear your body down and that is true but what if your body starts getting used to it? That is where the secret lies, as a basketball player i do play on both indoor and outdoor courts. One thing that is consistent with this is that if i go from playing outdoors to indoors my game improves. For some reason the wear and tear of concrete and the double rims on the hoops in public parks make playing indoor basketball a breeze. From concrete to hardwood is a big difference and can make a persons body feel much more agile when switching. It is easier to run and land on these hardwood floors and therefore leads to better performance in game. The same thing goes for the rims used in each, usually in public parks the basketball hoops are double rimmed with no net which makes it harder to make a basket as it has double the chance of rimming out. If you practice outdoors shooting on a hoop and master it, going indoors will only make your game stronger. Along with these particular things there is a number of other things such as metal vs glass backboards, and even your height of a jump that can be debated. For those people that are wondering whether they should practice their skills indoors or outdoors, pick outdoors. It can help condition your body way better as long as you are willing to go through the wear and tear and can help your game in general.

Is it worth it to go to a Big Music Festival?

As an avid raver, there is always a topic of conversation. This debate is between whether or not to spend your money on a Big Music Festival to see all of your favorite Dj’s at one venue or go see their own solo shows. The difference between them is fairly dramatic. I have been lucky enough to go to both small solo shows and big music festivals. Both of which had my favorite DJ, Marshmello performing. He had his own solo show here in New York at Terminal 5 and he also performed at a music festival in Puerto Rico. I truly believe that if you are going to any sort of music/edm event you need to go to a Big Festival. Going to a bigger event allows for a much more fun experience and there is way more activities to do. At small solo events you usually just go to the venue and watch the performance. Although usually festivals are more expensive it is still worth it. At Big Festivals there is different activities such as rides and other various attractions. Also the atmosphere of a festival is unmatched compared to smaller shows. You listen to the music with everyone and you feel as though you are apart of something way bigger than just yourself. Marshmello did put on a better set in Puerto Rico as well, the only thing is that at his smaller show he did feel more connected with the crowd. In my opinion Festivals offer way more options than solo shows. The overall experience and pure scale of it is worth the extra money.

Sneaker Resell… Then vs Now

Sneaker Culture has been a relatively popular subject amongst everyone recently. It seems as though every week popular sneaker brands like Jordan and Adidas have a new drop that send teenagers and even adults into a frenzy. As a former sneaker enthusiast this is great to see for the culture. Some do argue with all of these releases hat have been piling up week after week it is “killing” the sneaker game. Let me elaborate… in the sneaker game there multiple sides in which you can play. There is the collector, the reseller, and the hypebeast. Collectors were usually the older guys who have been collecting shoes since the earlier years and are considered to be the originals in this “sneaker game”. Resellers are people who would buy a sneaker in hopes of it selling out so that they will be able to sell it to people who were not able to get it for a much higher price to make profit. Hypebeast are those people that just want anything that is limited and the most valuable to show off to everyone that they have those items. When i was in the game i was part of the hypebeast/reseller club. I would camp out for shoes, buy clothing and other limited items just in hopes of acquiring more cash. For a vey long time i was successful since Jordans were retailing for a price of $140-$160 and i would be able to flip them easily for $220-$240 on any general release pair (meaning not as limited). I did this for nearly four years and made very good money off of it and had some of the most limited sneakers that most people dream of having. It has been almost one year since I have looked back into the sneaker market and man have times changed. Resellers now have almost been eliminated by Jordan brand themselves. They have made retail prices of their sneakers close to $220 and have made a lot more pairs so that everyone will be able to get the opportunity to buy one. This really got a lot of sneakerheads mad with this move as some people actually did make a living off just reselling sneakers and now there whole market has been cut off by the brand providing the product. The only way to make money now off reselling sneakers is to either get a very limited quantity shoe such as a Kaws jordan 4 or Yeezy boost or just quit the game. Personally the game has changed a lot and it is not even worth the time and effort anymore. People trying to make money off the sneakers should seriously consider switching over to doing clothing brands such as Supreme and Bape although the profit margins are smaller depending on the pieces you buy it is a way bigger market then sneakers currently and you will be able to profit more.

Video Games are dead…

Sure they were addicting at first but now… not so much. Most kids and teens still swear by their video games (no pun intended), but I was one of those kids who thought they would never get boring. I put so much of my life into playing video games such as Call of Duty and NBA 2k. On these games alone I strongly believe that i have wasted at least 2 years of my life away if you combine all of the hours I have put into them. On Call of Duty MW2 alone i have 40 days or almost 1000 hours on my playing total playing time record. That is completely absurd if you really sit down and think about it. If you wanted you wanted to play as much of that game as i had in one sitting you would have to play for close to 1000 hours straight. This does not even include any of the other titles i have played which is pretty scary to me. As you can see i was pretty serious gamer and i still do play them avidly. There is something that changed though, now as i turn 20 years old the fun factor of games has worn off quite a bit. If i were to buy a game when i was say 15 years old, I would immediately go home and spend every single second of my time on that game for at least a week straight. Now when i buy games it is not really a priority which is very strange to me because my life is still basically the same as it was when i was younger. I currently don’t have a job or that many responsibilities and still the same people who i used to play games with still do, so it kind of puzzles me as to why playing video games seems to be dying. What i believe is that video games are really only made for kids and teenagers. Sure some adults still play video games, but most of them do not play games on that addictive level I was on through my teen years. Even some famous youtubers such as Nadeshot and Ali-A, who were huge Cod gamers I was a teen dont even post that much gameplay anymore. Instead they have moved away and focused more on vlogs and daily life things. That is how i feel like my life is heading, as I would rather go for a walk than play video games. I guess this is the real definition of growing up. So kids and teens who are currently addicted to the latest Cod enjoy your time. Try and put in as many hours as you can, as the addictive feeling does wear off and boy does it suck.

Who should the Knicks take in the upcoming draft?

Although it was disappointing season for the Knicks, there might actually be a light at the end of the tunnel for the team. With a top pick in this years NBA draft, the Knicks should be able to get a decent player to help accompany Kristaps Porzingis who was selected in the draft 2 years ago. Although when the team first selected Porzingis, most fans thought he would be a bust and were unhappy with the selection,  he is now the bright future of the Knicks. The team saw the potential in Porzingis and went with their gut as choosing an international player is usually a hit or miss. They could have easily chose the safe route and chose someone straight out of college within the states but the front office of the Knicks believed in our 7’3 star and it turned out for the best. The question now is with a high pick in this years draft will the Knicks look to strike gold again? Phil Jackson has spoke about drafting a French teen in Frank Ntilikina. He has great scoring ability and has amazing vision and would fit the Knicks perfectly as they are in dire need of a new point guard. Although he is exactly what they need, there is no guarantee that this international player will blossom in the NBA like the Knicks own Porzingis did. He is only 18 years old and will take some time to adjust to the rapid pace of the NBA schedule. The question is will the Knicks take the risk again… I believe they should not. With the 7th pick in this years the Knicks have an array of point guards coming out of elite schools like Kentucky in players DeAaron Fox and Malik Monk. If either of these players slip and are still on the board when its the Knicks turn they will 100% take them no question. They are projected to go top 6 so it may not be likely, but with the #7 pick the Knicks should select Dennis Smith Jr. from NC State. Although he is not at the biggest name in terms of college basketball, Smith is an explosive scorer and would fit in with the Knicks offense smoothly. They need a aggressive guard who can play defense and thats exactly what Smith brings to the table. He is a steal in this upcoming draft with so much focus on the big name guards in this draft, he won the ACC conference player of the year and has a highest on-court rating amongst all the other guards. This shows he has a major impact when on the court. I feel like the Knicks struck gold once with Porzingis, but they will not with this immature player in Ntilikina. They should not try to press there luck and pick Dennis Smith Jr. as he is a proven mature guard who has a major impact and just needs a little work around the edges.