Sneaker Resell… Then vs Now

Sneaker Culture has been a relatively popular subject amongst everyone recently. It seems as though every week popular sneaker brands like Jordan and Adidas have a new drop that send teenagers and even adults into a frenzy. As a former sneaker enthusiast this is great to see for the culture. Some do argue with all of these releases hat have been piling up week after week it is “killing” the sneaker game. Let me elaborate… in the sneaker game there multiple sides in which you can play. There is the collector, the reseller, and the hypebeast. Collectors were usually the older guys who have been collecting shoes since the earlier years and are considered to be the originals in this “sneaker game”. Resellers are people who would buy a sneaker in hopes of it selling out so that they will be able to sell it to people who were not able to get it for a much higher price to make profit. Hypebeast are those people that just want anything that is limited and the most valuable to show off to everyone that they have those items. When i was in the game i was part of the hypebeast/reseller club. I would camp out for shoes, buy clothing and other limited items just in hopes of acquiring more cash. For a vey long time i was successful since Jordans were retailing for a price of $140-$160 and i would be able to flip them easily for $220-$240 on any general release pair (meaning not as limited). I did this for nearly four years and made very good money off of it and had some of the most limited sneakers that most people dream of having. It has been almost one year since I have looked back into the sneaker market and man have times changed. Resellers now have almost been eliminated by Jordan brand themselves. They have made retail prices of their sneakers close to $220 and have made a lot more pairs so that everyone will be able to get the opportunity to buy one. This really got a lot of sneakerheads mad with this move as some people actually did make a living off just reselling sneakers and now there whole market has been cut off by the brand providing the product. The only way to make money now off reselling sneakers is to either get a very limited quantity shoe such as a Kaws jordan 4 or Yeezy boost or just quit the game. Personally the game has changed a lot and it is not even worth the time and effort anymore. People trying to make money off the sneakers should seriously consider switching over to doing clothing brands such as Supreme and Bape although the profit margins are smaller depending on the pieces you buy it is a way bigger market then sneakers currently and you will be able to profit more.


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