Playing basketball outdoors makes you better?

Basketball is a very tiring sport. It requires a lot of stamina and skill to play the game. Even though the games in the NBA are played indoors on a hardwood court, playing outside in a park could help you improve your game more. Sure most people will argue that playing outdoor basketball on concrete will wear your body down and that is true but what if your body starts getting used to it? That is where the secret lies, as a basketball player i do play on both indoor and outdoor courts. One thing that is consistent with this is that if i go from playing outdoors to indoors my game improves. For some reason the wear and tear of concrete and the double rims on the hoops in public parks make playing indoor basketball a breeze. From concrete to hardwood is a big difference and can make a persons body feel much more agile when switching. It is easier to run and land on these hardwood floors and therefore leads to better performance in game. The same thing goes for the rims used in each, usually in public parks the basketball hoops are double rimmed with no net which makes it harder to make a basket as it has double the chance of rimming out. If you practice outdoors shooting on a hoop and master it, going indoors will only make your game stronger. Along with these particular things there is a number of other things such as metal vs glass backboards, and even your height of a jump that can be debated. For those people that are wondering whether they should practice their skills indoors or outdoors, pick outdoors. It can help condition your body way better as long as you are willing to go through the wear and tear and can help your game in general.


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