New York born star, Trevon Duval college commitment…

Trevon Duval is one of the most flashy, high sought after talents in high school basketball. This earned him the nickname of Tricky Tre and on youtube he has countless hits on his Basketball mixtape showing off his skills. Now it is decision time for Duval as he just finished his senior year playing ball at IMG academy. Many scouts have witnessed him in some of the top tournaments this year such as the McDonalds All American Game and the Ball Is Life tournament where he went head to head with other top prospects such as Colin Sexton. Many believe Sexton is a better prospect then Duval in terms of raw talent, but Sexton has already committed to a College in Alabama. Most of the prospects he did play against in these tournaments have already committed to schools so now the question lies where does “Tricky Tre” take his talents too for college. His great passing ability and ball handle has caught the interest of top schools like Duke and Kentucky. These schools are currently the best at producing NBA prospects with that comes a level of prestige. He has been keeping his college decisions under wraps, but announced just today Trevon Duval will be taking his talents to Duke University. This is the perfect fit for a player like Duval, he will be accompanied in the backcourt by budding star Grayson Allen and a good front line Gary Trent, and Jordan Tucker. This team has a great balance of offense and defense and with Duval bringing his bit of flashiness to the system it is a win win for Duval and Duke.


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