Kawhi Leonard’s injury end for the Spurs?

With Kawhi Leonard’s ankle injury, will this be the end of the San Antonio Spurs run in the playoffs? The Spurs were beating the former NBA champion Warriors by 20 points in a shocking first half that left Oracle Arena in shock. Towards the early stages of the third quarter, Leonard rose up for a jumpshot and landed on another players foot causing him to go back to the locker room and sit out for the remainder of this Game 1 in the Western Conference Finals. During this time the Warriors came storming back from there 20 point deficit and by the end of the game had narrowed it to a one possession game. The Warriors ended up winning the game by just 2 points and slated a comeback for the history books. From this information you can see the impact of a star studded player like Kawhi Leonard, but now the question is if he is unable to return for the remainder of this series will the Spurs even have a chance at winning? The simple answer is No, the Warriors simply have too much star power and force way too many turnovers when Leonard is not on the floor. Leonard is the floor general for this San Antonio team and everything runs through him which makes the team without him a bit lost. Some might argue that Lamarcus Aldridge will be able to lead the team but that is simply not the case. Kawhi Leonard is one of the most gifted talents in the NBA, he can go one on one, he can set up his teammates, and most importantly he can play defense. Aldridge simply cannot match these skills at least to the level that Kawhi has done for this Spurs team. the fact of the matter is that when Kawhi left the game the Spurs could not hold a 20 point lead for 2 quarters while Aldridge was playing. How can he lead a team but not hold a 20 point cushion for 2 quarters? If Kawhi Leonard does not return to play in this Series the Spurs will not advance to the next round plain and simple


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