Is it worth it to go to a Big Music Festival?

As an avid raver, there is always a topic of conversation. This debate is between whether or not to spend your money on a Big Music Festival to see all of your favorite Dj’s at one venue or go see their own solo shows. The difference between them is fairly dramatic. I have been lucky enough to go to both small solo shows and big music festivals. Both of which had my favorite DJ, Marshmello performing. He had his own solo show here in New York at Terminal 5 and he also performed at a music festival in Puerto Rico. I truly believe that if you are going to any sort of music/edm event you need to go to a Big Festival. Going to a bigger event allows for a much more fun experience and there is way more activities to do. At small solo events you usually just go to the venue and watch the performance. Although usually festivals are more expensive it is still worth it. At Big Festivals there is different activities such as rides and other various attractions. Also the atmosphere of a festival is unmatched compared to smaller shows. You listen to the music with everyone and you feel as though you are apart of something way bigger than just yourself. Marshmello did put on a better set in Puerto Rico as well, the only thing is that at his smaller show he did feel more connected with the crowd. In my opinion Festivals offer way more options than solo shows. The overall experience and pure scale of it is worth the extra money.


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