Who should the Knicks take in the upcoming draft?

Although it was disappointing season for the Knicks, there might actually be a light at the end of the tunnel for the team. With a top pick in this years NBA draft, the Knicks should be able to get a decent player to help accompany Kristaps Porzingis who was selected in the draft 2 years ago. Although when the team first selected Porzingis, most fans thought he would be a bust and were unhappy with the selection,  he is now the bright future of the Knicks. The team saw the potential in Porzingis and went with their gut as choosing an international player is usually a hit or miss. They could have easily chose the safe route and chose someone straight out of college within the states but the front office of the Knicks believed in our 7’3 star and it turned out for the best. The question now is with a high pick in this years draft will the Knicks look to strike gold again? Phil Jackson has spoke about drafting a French teen in Frank Ntilikina. He has great scoring ability and has amazing vision and would fit the Knicks perfectly as they are in dire need of a new point guard. Although he is exactly what they need, there is no guarantee that this international player will blossom in the NBA like the Knicks own Porzingis did. He is only 18 years old and will take some time to adjust to the rapid pace of the NBA schedule. The question is will the Knicks take the risk again… I believe they should not. With the 7th pick in this years the Knicks have an array of point guards coming out of elite schools like Kentucky in players DeAaron Fox and Malik Monk. If either of these players slip and are still on the board when its the Knicks turn they will 100% take them no question. They are projected to go top 6 so it may not be likely, but with the #7 pick the Knicks should select Dennis Smith Jr. from NC State. Although he is not at the biggest name in terms of college basketball, Smith is an explosive scorer and would fit in with the Knicks offense smoothly. They need a aggressive guard who can play defense and thats exactly what Smith brings to the table. He is a steal in this upcoming draft with so much focus on the big name guards in this draft, he won the ACC conference player of the year and has a highest on-court rating amongst all the other guards. This shows he has a major impact when on the court. I feel like the Knicks struck gold once with Porzingis, but they will not with this immature player in Ntilikina. They should not try to press there luck and pick Dennis Smith Jr. as he is a proven mature guard who has a major impact and just needs a little work around the edges.


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