Video Games are dead…

Sure they were addicting at first but now… not so much. Most kids and teens still swear by their video games (no pun intended), but I was one of those kids who thought they would never get boring. I put so much of my life into playing video games such as Call of Duty and NBA 2k. On these games alone I strongly believe that i have wasted at least 2 years of my life away if you combine all of the hours I have put into them. On Call of Duty MW2 alone i have 40 days or almost 1000 hours on my playing total playing time record. That is completely absurd if you really sit down and think about it. If you wanted you wanted to play as much of that game as i had in one sitting you would have to play for close to 1000 hours straight. This does not even include any of the other titles i have played which is pretty scary to me. As you can see i was pretty serious gamer and i still do play them avidly. There is something that changed though, now as i turn 20 years old the fun factor of games has worn off quite a bit. If i were to buy a game when i was say 15 years old, I would immediately go home and spend every single second of my time on that game for at least a week straight. Now when i buy games it is not really a priority which is very strange to me because my life is still basically the same as it was when i was younger. I currently don’t have a job or that many responsibilities and still the same people who i used to play games with still do, so it kind of puzzles me as to why playing video games seems to be dying. What i believe is that video games are really only made for kids and teenagers. Sure some adults still play video games, but most of them do not play games on that addictive level I was on through my teen years. Even some famous youtubers such as Nadeshot and Ali-A, who were huge Cod gamers I was a teen dont even post that much gameplay anymore. Instead they have moved away and focused more on vlogs and daily life things. That is how i feel like my life is heading, as I would rather go for a walk than play video games. I guess this is the real definition of growing up. So kids and teens who are currently addicted to the latest Cod enjoy your time. Try and put in as many hours as you can, as the addictive feeling does wear off and boy does it suck.


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