Why do the Knicks keep winning?

Of course most Knicks fans would agree that the season is over, considering that they have already been put out of playoff contention. The only bright side to this season is that Knicks have a chance at a very high pick this year in the NBA draft. The problem is that with every win the Knicks get there chances of getting a higher pick in the draft decreases. Doesn’t the organization realize this? As a loyal Knicks fan I feel that we should be losing every game from now until the end of the season. Sure most people will say that the team has too much pride to do that, but most of our best players are sitting out most games anyways and thats why people go to watch the Knicks. So why not just invest in the teams actual future, rather than win games that won’t help us in anyway possible? If the Knicks continue to win games it would only hurt them in the long run.

Having a top pick secures people like Lonzo Ball or Markelle Fultz to come in to play with our roster next year, which is a much better option then winning games for the teams “pride”. Even if we do slip to the 5th or 6th pick in the draft, we can still get a star caliber player such as Dennis Smith Jr. out of NC State. But if the Knicks continue to win this season, we could potentially miss out on a future superstar that can change our franchises losing ways and give us a shot at being back in the playoffs. With a record like the one the Knicks had this season, im taking the teams future over the teams pride any day and thats just being smart.

Some people will say that this years draft is one of the deepest in terms of talent that the NBA has had in a long time. This might be true but the fact of the matter is the higher the pick the more options and better talent availability the Knicks will be able to choose from. This years draft for the Knicks will prove crucial to the teams success in the upcoming seasons. With Melo’s future with the Knicks hanging in the balance, the least they can do is do something that will benefit a rebuilding around Kristaps Porzingis. If Melo decides to stay, then the new talent acquired in the draft will only help take off the scoring load on his shoulders. Either way, its a win win situation as long as the Knicks lose. We need the highest pick as possible and the Knicks as a team right now are not helping themselves by winning, so please start LOSING!


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