WTF Together?

This weekend i was able to attend a music festival in Puerto Rico. This was my 4th time attending one of these events and of course it didn’t disappoint. Although the last 3 we great this one was extra special to me. My favorite DJ, Marshmello, was performing at the event that got me started following this music festival scene, along with the people that i love the most. At first when i arrived in Puerto Rico there was some shaky situations we had to get through but once the day the festival hit, all of that anger and hate just disappeared. The reason i love attending music festivals is because it brings everyone together and makes you feel like you are apart of something way bigger than just yourself. The event that we attended was called We The Future, aka WTF, and i went with 2 of my closest friends and my sister. Although we all haven’t had a great relationship in the past, this music festival brought us all together. We partied and had fun until the sun rose listening to one of my favorite DJ’s as he killed his set. The atmosphere throughout the whole thing was ELECTRIC. Everybody in the crowd singing along and having a good time not worrying about any of the outside problems, but rather just being in the moment along with everyone else. It was a day that i will never forget and will cherish for the rest of my life. For those who have not attended a music festival in their life I highly recommend it. Even if you attend it alone you are bound to make new friends in the blink of an eye and feel the friendly environment surrounding you. It is simply life changing!


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