Console vs. PC

Being a console player for so many years might have me a bit biased, but what I have to say might actually shock you. I recently acquired a new 2016 macbook pro for college and most people say that this machine was not built to play games on. Although i did mostly purchase this computer to do my work, i didn’t see any harm in at least trying to game on it. Before this purchase, the only computer i had access to was usually my dads desktop which i didnt really have that much freedom on. Because of this i usually played my games on console. These consoles included anything from the Gamecube and Playstation 1, when i was younger, to more recently the Wii U and Playstation 4. The console of choice for me currently is the Playstation 4 and i could not be happier. The Playstation to me has always been reliable and the best thing to play games on. Any game from Call of Duty to Nba 2k runs smooth and there are rarely any problems that i personally encounter when playing these games. I also got to play with my friends and even play in some tournaments to try and earn some money. From all this console gaming experience,  i never really gave gaming on a PC a shot. When i was in middle school, usually at the lunch table, there would be a debate between which was better for gaming a console or PC and i always sided with consoles, no questions asked. If this debate happened today it might be a different story. My experience gaming on a PC was very different to say the least, but in a good way. First the graphics, although consoles do have great graphics, when gaming on a PC it’s like night and day. The details and virtual environments have been taken to a whole different level compared to what consoles can do. Also rather than using a standard controller for a console, PC uses your mouse which was a bit of a learning curve for me. Although it takes some time getting used to, i feel that using a mouse might actually be better than a controller depending on the genre. Any FPS like Call of Duty will benefit from using a mouse just from a accuracy standpoint alone. Guarantee that if a PC and console player were put up against each other in the same FPS and had the same skill level, the PC player would win that matchup. Having that free range of motion that the mouse provides rather than static movements used on a controller gives these players a huge advantage. Although ive only had 2 months with my PC, I can see why others may prefer it over a console. I could go on and on about performance differences and specs and fuel the fire of this debate but that is for a different day. Give me more time and i’ll let you know but for right now PC has opened my eyes a bit.


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